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Pastor Ziad started the EMI "Ethnos Ministries International" under The Gate Church as a platform for mission work, speaking engagements and to raising funds to helping different people groups through out the world. 


Brother Ziad Samuel Srouji was born in a nominal Christian home in the northern region of Galilee, called Haifa. At the age of one, his family moved to Lebanon. He grew up in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. He was then forced to leave Lebanon at the age of 16 because of the tragic civil war that devastated the land.

A few months later in America, he had a powerful encounter with the risen and living Messiah who bathed him with the Father's heart of love. His encounter with the living Christ saved him, delivered him from demonic control, healed his physical body, and baptized him in the power of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with heavenly languages.

Brother Ziad is presently the senior pastor of The Gate International reaching nations. He is married to his wife Najat, and father of his daughter Samaa and son Serry. He and other members of The Gate minister to people around the world, bringing the message of hope in Christ, and the transforming power that comes from walking with Him.

Since his spiritual rebirth, Brother Ziad has a heart for those who are bound in hopelessness. He ministers under the anointing of the King of Glory, breaking yokes of bondage and releasing Christ's life, hope, and peace to all. He often moves in gifts of healing, prophecy, and words of knowledge. Beside making disciples of all and exercising pastoral gifts, he carries a strong evangelistic anointing and worship. He is one of many voices that are calling forth all nations to return to the worship of the One True God.

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