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Vision, Mission and Beyond


 Vision: To win and see every people group worshiping and serving God and one another in spirit and truth.  

Mission:To raise disciples of all nations as we unite in Christ and His commands to fulfill God's purpose on earth

Message: To advance God's kingdom through the power of the cross and by preaching and teaching God's infallible word.

Strategy: To connect the members of God's body in a united front to edify and strengthen one another in the bond of God's word and spirit.

Goal: To equip believers and send them out as laborers into the harvest of the king.

"My House shall be called a house of worship for all nations." As we are united in Him we make room for the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. All are called to love the Lord with all our hearts, soul and strength and to love one another, build and edify one another in love, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to our diverse communities, and among all nations. God has a unique plan and purpose for us individually and corporately. We can discover His purposes through fellowship, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the infallible Word of God. This all starts in our house church groups. The aim is to disciple and mobilize all ages for the harvest.


Beyond our local community, we continue to reach nations and people groups. We are leading a prayer movement, and raising mission-minded believers who long to see His kingdom come on and His will is established here on earth as it is in Heaven for His Names's glory. 

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