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Weekly Gatherings 


The goal for our gatherings  is for people to continue to connect and grow in the Lord as disciples of Christ. We love to activate God's gifts of grace through God's word and its power. These meetings are strategic beachheads for outreaches and inviting new people.

Weekly Schedule 


Youth and young adult   Monday 7:30   Lisa in SSF or Samaa in SM


English House Meeting    Monday 7:30   Susan in SM or Maria Goodwin in SM

English Student Meeting  Tuesday 7:30    Oskar in Stanford               


English  Zoom Meeting    Tuesday 7:30    Zoom with Mat K 


Arabic Meeting.              3rd and 5th Wednesday 7:00 SSF (Grace Covenant)


Live Prayer  Meeting       1st and 3rd Wednesday 7:00 SSF (Grace Covenant) 


Prayer Zoom Meeting      Thursdays 7:30-8:30 pm   On Zoom


There are other group-meetings are being established by different students in their schools or colleges. 



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