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We Lead By Example
We Are Stewards



Pastoral Ministry 

Ziad is the senior leader at The Gate International. He has a servant's heart. He has a passion for worshiping the Lord, preaching His Word, and hosting His presence. He carries the vision to see souls saved, healed, delivered, and become true disciples of Christ's and His Word. He desires for the Gospel to reach all nations and bring them to the worship of The King. He is a leader among leaders and encourages pastors and leaders of other denominations. He loves to see all nations become one family under One God.  

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Intercession and women 


Najat is a woman of prayer. As a prayers warrior, she prays for different needs. and believes God to move in power. She encourages the body of Christ and stirs all to pray and be true disciples of Christ in all godliness and contentment. She is a pillar in the house of the Lord. She stands strong with her husband and believes that only through prayer and through God's word the ministry advances and is fruitful. She is also a lead worshiper among the Arabic speaking groups. She loves to share the good news of Jesus Christ and His power with the lost and with the broken.


Educational Ministry

David is married to Amy, and have three boys named Salem, Hosea, and Nahum. He is full of God's encouragement and exhortation to the body of Christ. David heads the Educational Department and Focuses on reaching this generation with the Gospel of Christ. He longs to see this generation grow in God's word and be filled with God's Spirit. He is the organizer of the different ministry departments and mobilizes believers to be involved in the life of our children. 

Kristin is an amazing woman of God who is totally gifted in organizing ministries, schedule and operates on keeping pastor's schedule and meeting plans with different ministry departments. Also She is the head of the Hospitality groups that facilitates fellowship after main services or during big events or special speakers.  

Administration Ministry



Finance Ministry

Matthew is an amazing vessel of commitment and faithfulness. He heads and organizes all the financial aspects of the ministry. He keeps the balance sheet up to date and deals with taxes at the end of the year. He is also a house Church leader. 

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Media Ministry

Vinny is married to Kristin and has two children. Vinny is the Media Team Director who heads the operation of media departments and mobilizes others to be involved in spreading the gospel through different social media platforms. He is a worshiper who moves in the prophetic anointing and healing. He loves to see the kingdom of God manifested in the lives of many.


Worship Ministry

Samaa is a worship leader and has an amazing passion for the Lord presence and has been instrumental in mentoring and training others to worship in spirit and truth. She loves god and His word and has the gift of teaching and longs to continue to build her musical skills for the glory of God. She has led outdoor worship and been a blessing to her community.


Main Services Ministries

Danny has so much compassion for the poor and he is gifted by God as someone who can easily connect with people. As a head greeter, he is called to train others to greet, guide and bring a smile on people's faces on Sunday morning service. He is a leader in the young adult house church meetings. Also He is partly involved in the hospitatilty ministry.  

Ushering and greeting Ministires 

Justin is a gentle man who is faithful before the Lord and serves His family and His community faithfully. He loves to pray and walk right before God. He is a wonderful husband and incredible loving father to His teenage daughter.


John is a faithful and kind man of God who loves the young generations and longs to sow in them the word of God. He is married and has a beautiful  young girl that loves to worship the lord. A man like John is rare to find who carries within him the childlike heart that Christ has longed for within His generation. 

Elementary Ministry


The Focus is on mobilizing house churches and house church leaders by establishing prayer beachheads in different cities in the bay area, to create a welcoming environment , teach the word and host the presence of God,  to evangelize and win new souls, and to mobilize a prayer culture amongst the believers.

Pastor Ziad mobilizes different teams to serve

in these ministries.

House-Church Ministry 
and Mission Minsitry


Infant/Kindergarten Ministry



Kristin is an amazing woman of God and a mother of two beautiful kids. She organizes the scheduling for the infant/kindergarten kids. She also provides a safe atmosphere for our infants and their moms.

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