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A Prayer For Purity With Music

And Worship

Simple prayer calling disciples to purity.

A Call To Purity From The Heart

Matthew 5:27-30

Christ exposed the heart of the people who thought they are not guilty of the 7th commandment in order to wake them up to the need of dealing with the issues of the heart and to experience real freedom.

Murder Starts In the Heart

Matthew 5:21-26

Christ is the author and the interpreter of the Law. He also is the one that fulfilled it completely. He is inviting us to trust Him and allow Him to go deep into our hearts to bring transformation. He reveals, we repent. He restores, we repossess. He refreshes and we are renewed. We belong to the king and His kingdom.

Going Above And Over To Fulfill

The Law

Matthew 5:17-20

The question is how can our righteousness exceed the Pharisees' righteousness. How can we not break the law... only in Christ who came not to destroy but to fulfill the law and the prophets. We do not live by the letter of the law but by the law of Christ who brought liberty. In Him we are perfected.

Who Are We and What Is Our Call? Matthew 5:12-16

Christ declared that we are salt and we are light. King Jesus declares who we are before He declares what we are called to do... He Speaks to His disciples to be united as one body and to operate from the position of His finished work in this world. The world will never be the same when God's people love God and love one another and become true witnesses of the gospel.

The Nine Blessings Released From

The King

Matthew 5:1-12

Christ declared nine blessings from the kingdom to those who are willing to trust and follow Him. These nine blessings are not for the elite and they are not a code of ethics to follow but rather it is a kingdom declaration of blessings to those who are or will face challenging situations in their lives.

The King and His Kingdon

Matthew 4:12-25

The Gospel of Jesus according to the eyewitness Matthew who is led by the Holy Spirit to write and declare that Jesus is the promised king revealed in OT prophecy and that He has not only come to save, heal, deliver, and give us eternal life but He is calling disciples to follow HIm so that they will know who they are and what they are called to do as they carry the King's anointing to the whole world.

To Love Christ Is To Obey His Word

True discipleship is to learn how to obey the commandments of the Lord. This is the true sign of love. To love Him is to obey Him. Not to obey Him is a clear sign of not loving Him. Obedience is not legalism and it bears the fruit of the Kingdom.

The Mystery Of Godliness Is Great

1 Timothy 3:16

Paul urges Timothy to not be fearful and timid but rather bold as a lion because God has given Him the Spirit of love, power and a sound mind and has revealed the mystery of godliness to preach to all the world and make disciples of all nations.

He Is Coming Soon ... Maranatha

Luke 21:22-36

We are urged through out the scripture to be ready for he coming of the Lord.... As we behold so many signs that are happening in our times pointing toward the coming of the Lord as He promised.

God's Agape Love

Matthew 5:43-48

The rule of the King that will bring a transformation to individual and society. As a disciple we must follow in obedience with a change of thinking and become activated by love.

Swear Not At All

Matthew 5:33-37

Christ confronts hidden issues of the heart that may look normal to the human eye but that reveal the true insecurities of the heart and the source of crooked behavior.

Divorce In The Eyes Of God

Matthew 5:31-32

Christ is raising disciples that are more than willing to follow Him and to allow Him to give them understanding of the ways of The Father and His views on the issue of marriage and divorce.

A Godly Attitude That Releases

Heavenly Blessings 

1 Thessalonians 5:18

"What is the will of God in my life?" ... a question that is asked by so many people... if you search the scripture you can get a better idea about the will of God in your life. In just one area you can find out whole realm of blessings which is found in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. God desires for us to experience heaven on earth and to drink out of the well of joy unspeakable...

From Wilderness To Promotion

Matthew 4:1-11

The temptations of Christ are not just about Christ but about us too. Everyday we face voices of darkness that challenge our identity in Him, our relationship with Him, our purpose Through Him. Christ as a man has exposed and defeated the whispers of the ancient serpent and ushered a new age of victory. He is our High Priest who has given us the victory in our humanity.

Celebrate The First Breakthrough

Of Humanity

Matthew 4:1-2

When we see that throughout history man has fallen in the face of every temptation, it causes one to lose heart until we witness Christ in the wilderness overcoming the first temptation of the ancient serpent. The good news is that He represents each one of us and therefore we are winners through Him.

The Gospel - No Other

Galatians 1:6-10

Galatians 1:6-10 Paul challenges the church in Galatia to return to the true gospel. He was shocked at how fast the church fell into deception by the religious false teachers who twisted the truth. We too are challenged to discern all the teaching in our time and examine it in the light of the scripture so that the Gospel will continue to have power to transform people from darkness into light.

Series On Spiritual vs Carnal:

The Truth Is A Choice   


God never intended for us to be in a constant battle with our flesh but rather to understand the truth of the finished work where Christ has given us the ability to live in the Spirit and be led into victory through Him. 

Series On Spiritual vs Carnal:

Truth Or Lie

Romans 8

From the series of Spiritual vs Carnal. We ask ourselves are we living a lie that flows from our flesh, the world or Satan, or are we aware of the truth that flows from God? Romans 8 exposes the lie and reveals the truth of who we are in Christ.

Series On Spiritual vs Carnal:

Am I Natural, Am I Spiritual,

Am I Carnal

1 Corinthians 3

We are all called by Christ to follow Him in the neweness of life through repentance and be made alive again. As Spiritual vessels we need to continue to yield to the Spirit for growth so we can grow out of carnality to maturity of the spirit.

Series On Spiritual vs Carnal: 

No Condemnation

Romans 8:1-4

In Christ our Messiah, there is no condemnation, no separation and no defeat.

Series On Spiritual vs Carnal:

Overcoming Carnality

Loving The Word Of God

Just a simple meditation why we love the Word of the Living God.

The Church Is Christ's Power-House

Pastor Johnson is from Uganda and has experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in seeing so many people delivered and set free from he power of witchcraft and infirmities. The Church has been called to walk in victory because Christ is her cornerstone and the One who is building her up to overcome all the powers of the enemy.

Choose What Principles To Follow

Colossians 2:8

We all have been given the will to choose. A believer can either choose to walk according to the principles of the world or exercise Christ's Principle. To follow the King's principle requires one to really depend upon the Holy Spirit. We are citizens of God's eternal kingdom and are able through Him to live by God's highest principles.

Freedom From Stagnation

Exodus 25

God desires for His people to have an inward freedom so they will can be full of life and not fall prey to the spirit of stagnation. This is a journey with God where He turns every bitterness into sweetness through the power of His name. Humility and prayer play a great factor for transformation of the believer's heart.

Serving God Is Good

And Godly

Malachi 3:13-19

Within God's body there are two kinds of people. The Nay people (the kind we should not be), and the Yay people (the kind of people that we should be). God was exposing the hearts of His people so that they would all come to repentance and revelation of His love. He remains faithful to raise those who meditate on and fear His name and edify others. He places them as jewels before Him. So, What kind of person are you?

The True Sabbath

A revelation of the true Sabbath ... As God calls His people to enter into rest so that they can experience the glory and the power of the finished work of the cross.

If Any Be In Christ

If any person be in Christ he is a new creation. Old things have passed away behold everything, everything, everything has become brand new. Totally in the likeness of God.

Planted To Flourish

Psalm 92:13

God desires us to flourish in His presence. He created us in order for us to grow and bear fruit. It is important to check our roots and our fruit. 

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